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We're not just solar panel installers. We can also remove solar pv systems and install new PV systems too

Solar PV System Installers

Solar PV Installation & Solar Panel Removal

If you’re looking for a solar PV and/or battery systems, you’ve come to the right place!

We are fully qualified and NICEIC and MCS accredited; meaning all of our installations are eligible to sell power back to the grid under the SEG >(Smart Export Guarantee) Scheme. We can work with you to design a system. that best meets your needs – looking at how much energy you use, how much you’re likely to generate, and whether or not a battery would be right for you (as well as your budget). We can talk through all the options with you to help you decide on what’s best for you: which could be PV only, or PV and battery with or without a range of upgrades and additional feature: Electric vehicle chargers, smart immersion controllers, web based and/or local monitoring, and AC or DC coupled batteries.

We can design and install in roof, on roof, ground mount, flat roof, and even vertical panels, working from existing building measurements or from plans as required. Before any installation work starts, we will visit the property to make sure the plans fit and there are no surprises later on.  We are often asked if we can remove and reinstall systems to allow for roof works, extensions and repairs – we are happy to help, just let us know what you need.

We also retrofit home batteries to existing PV systems (without losing your current Feed in Tariff!)

Please get in touch to discuss your project.

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