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Home batteries help maximise the renewable energy you use.

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We have a lot of experience of installing all kinds of home and commercial batteries to store excess solar energy and off peak (cheaper) energy from the grid. A home battery can be a great addition to a solar system, because they can store the energy you generate until you need it – typical solar systems have the highest output during the day when most people are out of the house, and/or using the least energy. Almost all battery types and brands are available in a range of sizes, and are also modular, which means you can add more storage capacity later on if required.

We work with a range of industry leading brands to suit all budgets, including GivEnergy, SolarEdge, Solax, Growatt, Huawei, Sofar, Pylontech and Solis. Batteries can also be fitted to existing solar systems (without losing your current Feed in Tariff!)

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